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You have to wonder how NaVorro Bowman Jersey many people in America, even those who are well informed, make the connection between the notorious Supreme Court decision that unleashed unprecedented campaign spending and Steve Young Jersey the slimy Y.A. Tittle Jersey political assassination outfit called Citizens United that brought Authentic Vernon Davis Jersey the case? It not that people of low character have never succeeded in winning Supreme Court cases before. But it difficult to find a group with less integrity than this one. You may recall that the case itself was about a film called the Authentic Justin Smith Jersey Movie, which was produced by Citizens United in anticipation of the 2008 election and which the FEC ruled was not a movie at Ronnie Lott Jersey all but rather a 90 minute Roger Craig Jersey campaign commercial that was of no other interpretation than to inform the electorate that Senator Clinton is unfit for office, that the United States would be a dangerous place in a President Hillary Clinton world, and that viewers should vote Colin Kaepernick 49ers Jersey against her. This designation as Anquan Boldin 49ers Jersey an advertisement ran afoul of elements of the McCain Feingold campaign finance legislation and Theodore Olson, Citizens United attorney, Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey filed a case against the FEC claiming its First Amendment rights had been violated. And the rest is history.